Archie- a wee ghost story

Stevie Patrick of Philosopher’s Stone has produced a short film, Archie, a chilling and eerie ghost story. And he used a bit of “Holy Light” from Abbey Tapes at the end- very effective and beautiful! A wee mystery and riddle all in a short film.


On the radio….

Richard Winham and I talked about the Abbey Tapes project and played many of the tracks on, the NPR station at the Univ. of TN at Chattanooga. It was an hour long radio program airing in February 2012.  That interview and our March program on the 2 Hazey Jane II CDs are here for download:

Richard commented that the music was beautiful and stood on its own even apart from the books and that this fiction/music collaboration was unique. I’ve been listening to Richard’s fantastic radio programs for years, so it was a thrill to meet him! In fact it was he who introduced me to the music of Richard Thompson and other artists that surprisingly few Americans know about.