But where can I get these masterpieces?

abbey tapes: the exorcism by Philosopher’s Stone: for the CD, email cottageindustries@ledwardine.co.uk – info on the Phil Rickman website: http://www.philrickman.co.uk/the-shop/l

For the mp3 download, go to Amazon US or UK , or to iTunes.

December by Phil Rickman- special signed edition with lyrics, photos, and a copy of the CD from Mansion House Books  or its US site: MHB Press.

December is also Kindlized, available from Amazon UK and Amazon US.

A new Corvus paperback edition may be in the works, and the Isis audio book should be out in December 2012.

Don’t read the 1996 Berkley edition- stuff got left out. Book burning will be justified if you come across one! And if you should ever buy a second hand copy, be sure to buy a new PR book as well. Support our valued authors.