But where can I get these masterpieces?

abbey tapes: the exorcism by Philosopher’s Stone: for the CD, email cottageindustries@ledwardine.co.uk – info on the Phil Rickman website: http://www.philrickman.co.uk/the-shop/l

For the mp3 download, go to Amazon US or UK , or to iTunes.

December by Phil Rickman- special signed edition with lyrics, photos, and a copy of the CD from Mansion House Books  or its US site: MHB Press.

December is also Kindlized, available from Amazon UK and Amazon US.

A new Corvus paperback edition may be in the works, and the Isis audio book should be out in December 2012.

Don’t read the 1996 Berkley edition- stuff got left out. Book burning will be justified if you come across one! And if you should ever buy a second hand copy, be sure to buy a new PR book as well. Support our valued authors.


more abbey tapes artwork

Cool on-cd design



Audio book recording is now complete!

The word from Isis Publishing is that Sean Barrett has finished his 5th and final day of recording the December audiobook, and that his Lennon voice is very convincing. It should include clips of Aelwyn, Bad Day, Take Me 2, Dakota Blues, Holy Light, and The Comb Song! Really chuffed.