Sneak listen to December audio!

A special Halloween treat to send chills up your spine:  Four plus minutes from the forthcoming December audio book read by Sean Barrett! I’m wondering how to get my copy of this, whether I’ll have to order it direct from Isis or if Amazon will sell it. I’ll report back. But with 6 of our Philosopher’s Stone tracks included, it’s a must have. Hear me, Santa?


Isis reports

This tweet today from Isis Publishing on the audio book:

“Two days editing and December by @philrickman has gone to manufacture! Complete with music by the author, this is one of our best for ages.”

Dead Man Talking interview

Check out Strachan McQuade’s interview with Phil Rickman on Allan Watson’s blog:

They chat about Phil’s new book, The Heresy of Dr Dee, out on November 1. Phil reveals all about writing Elizabethan expletives,  Welsh superiority, the republication of his Will Kingdom books Cold Calling and Mean Spirit, and his soft spot for animals. McQuade is like no other interviewer, since he is, well, dead. And uproariously funny.

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