Over the last few years I’ve become a reviewer for Monsterlibrarian.com, sort of by accident, but it is a lot of fun and rather addictive. My reviews so far:

Serpent’s Kiss by Melissa de la Cruz

Shady Palms by Allen Dusk http://monsterlibrarian.com/slashers.htm#Shady_Palms_by_Allen_Dusk

December by Phil Rickman http://monsterlibrarian.com/ghosts.htm#December_by_Phil_Rickman

Carapace by Allan Watson http://monsterlibrarian.com/ghosts.htm#Carapace_by_Allan_Watson_

The Bone Tree by Christopher Fulbright http://monsterlibrarian.com/ghosts.htm#The_Bone_Tree_by_Christopher_Fulbright_

The Weird: a Compendium of Dark and Strange Stories, ed. VanderMeer

Some Kind of Fairy Tale, by Graham Joyce http://monsterlibrarian.com/horroradventure.htm#Some_Kind_of_Fairy_Tale

Night Sea Journey, by Paula Cappa http://monsterlibrarian.com/ghosts.htm#Night_Sea_Journey:_a_Tale_of_the_Supernatural

The Haunted, by Bentley Little http://monsterlibrarian.com/ghosts.htm#The_Haunted_by_Bentley_Little

The Dazzling Darkness, by Paula Cappa http://monsterlibrarian.com/ghosts.htm#The_Dazzling_Darkness_by_Paula_Cappa

Winds of Salem, by Melissa de la Cruz <a http://monsterlibrarian.com/horroradventure.htm#Winds_of_Salem:_a_Witches_of_East_End_Novel

This House is Haunted, by John Boyne http://monsterlibrarian.com/ghosts.htm#This_House_is_Haunted_by_John_Boyne

Plastic, by Christopher Fowler http://www.monsterlibrarian.com/something_different.htm#Plastic

I Have Not Answered, by Adam Grydehoj http://monsterlibrarian.com/something_different.htm#I_Have_Not_Answered_by_Adam_Grydehoj

1234, by Allan Watson http://monsterlibrarian.com/Thrillers.htm#1234_by_Allan_Watson

Ravenswing, by Jonathan Glendening http://www.monsterlibrarian.com/TheCirculationDesk/book-review-ravenswing-by-jonathan-glendening/


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