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abbey tapes: the exorcism, Songs from Lucy’s Cottage, and A Message from the Morning – L 5 ea plus shipping, from Terry

These prices are criminal- so take advantage of them.

Excellent chapter ‘Borderline Gothic: Phil Rickman and the Merrily Watkins Series’ by John Whitbourn from the book¬†21st Century Gothic: Great Gothic Novels Since 2000, ed. Daniel Olson. ¬†Scarecrow Press,2010.

21st Century Gothic PR

MessageLol Robinson and Hazey Jane II

Before Abbey Tapes came the 2 Lol Robinson CDs- Songs from Lucy’s Cottage and A Message from the Morning. These are Lol’s songs from the Merrily Watkins series of novels by Phil Rickman. Haunting, beautiful, ethereal- with more than a nod to Lol’s Nick Drake obsession. Phil Rickman and Allan Watson have some masterpieces here in these further unique fiction/music collaborations. They are available from Terry at or downloaded from Amazon or iTunes.