I Have Not Answered, by Adam Grydehoj

My recent review for MonsterLibrarian- a lovely book, haunting and highly recommended!:
I Have Not Answered by Adam Grydehoj
Beewolf Press, 2014
ISBN 9788799633104
Available: Hardcover, paperback and Kindle from Amazon
A young man has come to the remote Shetland Islands to search for an obscure folk song based on the Orpheus myth to complete his university studies. He befriends some local families, hoping they will sing the song and reveal its ending. He is broken-hearted from one love affair but kindles a new one here. He learns of the natural and supernatural history of the island, the selkies, the fairies (called trowies), and the tragedies of this remote existence. The narrator, you slowly begin to realize, is one of the trowies herself, with her unique viewpoints on humans and their foibles. He becomes part of the filmy fabrics that shift between realities on these battered, lonely islands. Reality, memory, dream and landscape meld into one. How much of our lives is controlled by the trowies and their whims, unbeknownst to us? The poetic prose and stark, eerie imagery is mesmerizing. Grydehoj is a Dane whose affinity for the Scottish islands is evident. This book appealed to me on so many levels, that of Scottish islands, Celtic legend, folk tales and music, supernatural beings … combs… harps… it’s uncanny. I recommend this haunting, beautifully-written tale for like-minded readers!