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Allan Watson’s new album, Personal Geometry, is finished- all fantastic songs. Free downloads at present from Soundcloud:

I’m pleased to be on track 5, Mortlake, which is a short interlude guitar/flute instrumental. I’d suggested a minor key waltz would work well with flute, so he came up with the chords. I composed my little accompaniment and sent a wav file across the seas to Scotland – well, several files, til we found one that sounded ok. My flute gets a little seasick, poor gal.

Mortlake, just outside London and on the Thames, is the home of Dr John Dee, scientist and advisor to Queen Elizabeth I.

Finally a new reviewer is picking up on the obvious, that abbey tapes is fantastic. And on p. 110, the two Lol Robinson albums get excellent reviews. Really happy that Phil’s and Allan’s books and music are getting some additional attention- and in the same issue as such revered musicians as Levon Helm, Ashley Hutchings, Wishbone Ash, David Crosby, Jimmy Page, and the Incredible String Band. Here’s Ian Maun’s review in Stick it in Your Ear:

I’m pleased┬áthat my flute part in “The Comb Song” is described as adding “hiraeth”, the Welsh word for longing, nostalgia, homesickness and mysticism to the song.

Check out other issues in this great little e-zine edited by Geoff Walls, UK music writer and a biographer of Ashley Hutchings.