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Allan Watson’s new album, Personal Geometry, is finished- all fantastic songs. Free downloads at present from Soundcloud:

I’m pleased to be on track 5, Mortlake, which is a short interlude guitar/flute instrumental. I’d suggested a minor key waltz would work well with flute, so he came up with the chords. I composed my little accompaniment and sent a wav file across the seas to Scotland – well, several files, til we found one that sounded ok. My flute gets a little seasick, poor gal.

Mortlake, just outside London and on the Thames, is the home of Dr John Dee, scientist and advisor to Queen Elizabeth I.

These tracks from a John Peel session are on an LP accompanying the new biography of Drake. A couple of these had been on Youtube already, but the last two- which include a flute player- are new. As a flutist, I’m really happy to hear these- and to imagine the studio session. I’d guessed Lyn Dobson or Ray Warleigh who played on Bryter Layter but according to Youtube notes the flutist is Iain Cameron. There must have been scads of flutists hanging around London then. I’m looking for a guitar player to perform the N.D. songs with flute parts, but still no luck- anyone?

My favorite author- finally to be on the telly! ITV of Great Britain will film Midwinter of the Spirit in 3 segments. It’s the second novel in the Merrily Watkins series- and the first one I read – got me totally hooked. Really happy about Phil’s success. I only hope that PBS will pick it up to air here in the US eventually.

Happy to see that ‘The Comb Song’ is featured as a teaser on Phil Rickman’s shop web page, along with ‘Tanworth in Arden’ from one of the Lol Robinson albums:

And a review of Abbey Tapes is to come out in January in a folk rock e-zine…. stay tuned.

My latest review for Monster Librarian: Ravenswing: A Halloween Adventure, by Jonathan Glendening

On Halloween, Michael is assigned to deliver a package to the mysterious address “Ravenswing” by midnight… or lose his courier job. Even his pregnant girlfriend’s Halloween party mustn’t keep him from his appointed rounds, so off into the wilds of rural England he goes. En route, he collides with another car, rescues an injured girl from the wreckage, and is then pursued by her captors. Meanwhile at Ravenswing, the forces of evil are aligning to restore the sarsens of an ancient stone circle sitting on powerful ley lines. Glendening’s origins as a film director are evident, with enough action-packed chase scenes, shotgun blasts, spectacular explosions, murders and blood to satisfy a Die Hard addict, and the clash of Celtic, Christian, and Satanic lore makes for a particularly gory and spine-tingling climax. The hero is a lovable guy, worrying about his girlfriend, his unborn child, and the girl he has promised to protect. This first novel by a guy with a brilliant imagination is one to watch. A little polishing of prose and punctuation would have it ready for prime time.

“Reckless Jane,” a song co written by Nick Drake and Beverley Martyn, is on Martyn’s forthcoming album, and you can hear it on SoundCloud. Gives me chills- I feel that Nick is still among us. See the link on this article:

I’m putting some of my flute recordings with friends or on my own on SoundCloud. Click on the white/orange Play on SoundCloud link on the right of the picture to see all the tracks (as opposed to this viewer that only shows the first few.) Faves are The Comb Song, The Water and the Grain, The Lady of the Runes.

My favorite author’s new book! Long awaited, it’s just fantastic. I ordered my copy from Amazon UK, but here’s the Amazon US link And my Amo review is below:

Merrily is called upon by friend and policeman Frannie Bliss when a local murder victim’s house proves to have a huge library of occult books; related tangents have the pair then involved in some new and old mysteries in nearby Hay-on-Wye’s bookshops and Capel-y-ffin’s mountain top church. Phil Rickman’s books can always be enjoyed on so many levels- that of crime fiction, local Welsh and English legend, supernatural and religious mystery, and just plain excellent characters. For us book-lovers, the setting of Hay with its castle and bookshops and lore is right up our alley. Old friends return, such as Gwynn Arthur Jones and Robin and Betty Thorogood. I was relieved that Robin doesn’t wind up a stereotyped stupid American; in fact he gains acceptance and respect among the other eccentric booksellers in Hay. Lol’s on tour recording a third Hazey Jane II album, we hope. Rickman leaves no taboo unturned, exposing the base and sinister sides of humanity- not unique to the Welsh border, of course. Merrily with her “peculiar tangents” achieves a sort of deliverance of her own. Rickman- one of my favorite writers ever!

OAFMM available on Amazon US and UK and iTunes, and apparently Spotify even…. Thanks to Teri for this lovely first review. Who’s next?

Blog from the Snakepark has a page about the new Candy Seance album with photos, credits, and artwork created by Allan’s friends to illustrate each song.

Here’s Teri Rowan’s lovely image designed for “The Water and the Grain”. A fairy with a flute! The song is a haunting lament by a lad seduced by the May Queen, a sort of Tam Lin tale.
Water and the Grain Final smaller

The new songs from Candy Seance are now available! I’m pretty excited about my flute parts on “The Water and the Grain ” and “The Lady of the Runes.” Allan’s songwriting and guitar playing, composing and arranging, recording and producing, mixing and equalizing (whatever that is) are outstanding. It’s a wonder he isn’t a household name rock-n- roll star. I’ve been privileged to see the evolutions of the songs through their various demo versions and changes to the final product. Would love to play sometime in person with Allan, but I’ve made do with my USB microphone, Audacity recording software, and emailing of files some 5,000 miles away to Glasgow. Thanks, Allan, for the collaboration.

The album is a free listen/download from SoundCloud:
On a Fine May Morning


In case you missed it….abbey tapes: the exorcism CD by Philosopher’s Stone, the songs from the Phil Rickman novel December, – available from the website of Phil Rickman ( Email Terry at to order.
Also available as downloads from Amazon mp3 and iTunes.
And the CD, lyrics and photos are included with the signed and numbered Mansion House Press special edition of December.

abbey tapes: the exorcism, Songs from Lucy’s Cottage, and A Message from the Morning – L 5 ea plus shipping, from Terry

These prices are criminal- so take advantage of them.

Over the last few years I’ve become a reviewer for, sort of by accident, but it is a lot of fun and rather addictive. My reviews so far:

Serpent’s Kiss by Melissa de la Cruz’s_Kiss_by_Melissa_de_la_Cruz

Shady Palms by Allen Dusk

December by Phil Rickman

Carapace by Allan Watson

The Bone Tree by Christopher Fulbright

The Weird: a Compendium of Dark and Strange Stories, ed. VanderMeer

Some Kind of Fairy Tale, by Graham Joyce

Night Sea Journey, by Paula Cappa

The Haunted, by Bentley Little

The Dazzling Darkness, by Paula Cappa

Winds of Salem, by Melissa de la Cruz <a

This House is Haunted, by John Boyne

Plastic, by Christopher Fowler

I Have Not Answered, by Adam Grydehoj

1234, by Allan Watson

Ravenswing, by Jonathan Glendening


The long-awaited retrospective from Columbus Road, aka Allan Watson and Gordon Davidson:

I’m pleased to play a wee flute part on “Rain”, one of Allan’s prettiest songs ever! a short Beatlesque love song. Available on iTunes, Amazon, and from

I was pleased to see this on Twitter, a tweet from a Glastonbury shop called “Man, Myth and Magik”:

“The Abbey Tapes ‘cd’ to accompany ‘December’ by @PhilRickman available @MMMagik #Glastonbury NOW ..,,”

The website for the shop:

The Isis audio book is ready to order from:


I’ve opted for the MP3 cds. Looking forward to this. I may be out busking for change to help me pay for it, but it’s a must have, with original music by Philosopher’s Stone.  They also have CD and cassette formats. Does anyone still use cassettes?


I have the dubious honor of appearing in the infamous Dead Man Talking interview series!

Strachan, a most cantakerous and opinionated interviewer for a dead guy, teases me unmercifully about my involvement in the Abbey Tapes, the upcoming audio book of December, my political leanings (the interview came out on US election day), my dream band picks, and um …. wind. Good for a laugh or 3! I’m still waiting for my broken lawnmower prize.

Strachan’s other victims – er, interviews- include Bill Booker, Christopher Fowler, F.G. Cottam, Phil Rickman and Caitlin Sagan. So I am in excellent company! There’s comfort in numbers. Leave it to Allan Watson to reinvent the interview.

A special Halloween treat to send chills up your spine:  Four plus minutes from the forthcoming December audio book read by Sean Barrett! I’m wondering how to get my copy of this, whether I’ll have to order it direct from Isis or if Amazon will sell it. I’ll report back. But with 6 of our Philosopher’s Stone tracks included, it’s a must have. Hear me, Santa?