Autumn Leaves

I’ll be playing some flute tunes with this great guitarist soon- Mr. Mark Merriman! He’s performing at Angela’s in Athens August 22 at 7 pm. We will do a few Irish tunes, a couple of original numbers, and perhaps a jazz tune. I’m a lucky flutist!


The Comb Song, by Philosopher’s Stone

I’ve put together a video for ‘The Comb Song’ from abbey tapes, my shining moment on flute- I hope it does it justice. I’m such a fangirl. Please share and if you don’t have it already, get the CD from Terry at or download from Amazon or iTunes.
The music by the haunted bandmates in the novel December by Phil Rickman… a unique fusion of fiction and music.

Flamingo with a Flute

Another whimsical song from Scott Miller with me on flute! Love this one- makes me think of one of my faves, Donovan, and maybe a bit Incredible String Band. It’s a real trip through the English countryside complete with an animal orchestra and some questionable mushrooms…..
Scott and I are Richard Thompson list friends, FB friends, and Britfolk music fans, and I’m honored to play flute on three of his songs.

Archie- a wee ghost story

Stevie Patrick of Philosopher’s Stone has produced a short film, Archie, a chilling and eerie ghost story. And he used a bit of “Holy Light” from Abbey Tapes at the end- very effective and beautiful! A wee mystery and riddle all in a short film.