On Amo- and with a fine review.

OAFMM available on Amazon US and UK and iTunes, and apparently Spotify even…. Thanks to Teri for this lovely first review. Who’s next?


‘The Water and the Grain’

Fairies, a dark wood, lost love and flute music. Have a listen – I’m proud to be on this lovely song by Allan Watson, from the Candy Seance album On a Fine May Morning.

New album from Allan Watson

The new songs from Candy Seance are now available! I’m pretty excited about my flute parts on “The Water and the Grain ” and “The Lady of the Runes.” Allan’s songwriting and guitar playing, composing and arranging, recording and producing, mixing and equalizing (whatever that is) are outstanding. It’s a wonder he isn’t a household name rock-n- roll star. I’ve been privileged to see the evolutions of the songs through their various demo versions and changes to the final product. Would love to play sometime in person with Allan, but I’ve made do with my USB microphone, Audacity recording software, and emailing of files some 5,000 miles away to Glasgow. Thanks, Allan, for the collaboration.

The album is a free listen/download from SoundCloud:
On a Fine May Morning